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45 Minutes


From your first cat cow to your last juicy pulse, we've got all bases covered in our signature pilates classes. Our pilates classes are suitable for beginners through to the most advanced pilates lovers. With a focus on deep core activation, controlled and isolated movements help bring strength, length and tone to the body. But don't be fooled, this class will leave you feeling the heat.

  • Warning: Slightly Addictive

  • Best Paired With: A glass of bubbles (wine, soft drink, soda water; you decide)


Motion Studio

45 Minutes


From touching your toes to a backbend, we have all of your flexy (or not so flexy) needs covered. Our stretch classes are full body classes that focus on lengthening and mobilizing the big juicy muscles (aka everyone's hammys) as well as the little ones that are often forgotten. These classes are for every level, from the tightest of elastic bands to the longest of grasshoppers. Bring your chill pill, you might even feel relaxed by the end of class.

  • Warning: the splits may be your new party trick

  • Best Paired With: an almond flat white

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frequently asked questions

Where are you located?

You can find Motion at 1/299 Townsend Street, on the corner of Townsend and Nurigong Streets!

Which door do I use to enter?

Entrance to Motion Studio is via the Townsend Street door. Follow the stairs as you enter, and you will find us upstairs. 

Do I need to bring anything?

All your equipment, including your mat, is provided for you! Just bring yourself, and we’ll take care of the rest. 

Are Vice and Motion the same?

Yes! Vice Fitness and Motion Studio are one in the same. Our studio is located upstairs, and our gym facility is located downstairs! 

Where do I park?

The best parking can be found on Townsend Street! 

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Albury's mat-based Pilates. Simplifying movement for all levels. Join us for an indulgent class—find balance between fire and flow. Enjoy good company, sunrise views, and a post-class coffee. Get into Motion today!

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